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Trade Schools in Saint Louis

SLCHC Offers Great Job Placement Assistance, and Assistance in Obtaining Financial Aid for a Health Care Education

If you are thinking about attending one of the trade schools in Saint Louis, consider the likelihood of finding work in the industry for which you are being trained.

Students of Saint Louis College of Health Careers enjoy potentially excellent job prospects because of the expanding health care industry. Of the various types of trade schools in Saint Louis, we train students in growing health care-related fields such as pharmacy technician, medical office administration, respiratory therapy, and practical nursing.

Students who are educated at SLCHC and fulfill the necessary requirements upon completion of their coursework have good reason to be confident in their chances for employment. Ten of the 20 fastest-growing occupations in the U.S. are in the health care field, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Saint Louis College of Health Careers’ job placement coordinator provides some of the best placement services in Saint Louis. Our reputation for hands-on training by experienced instructors has enabled us to call on a large network of employers who are eager to hire qualified SLCHC students.

Compare Trade Schools in Saint Louis, Then Call Us at 866-529-2070

In addition to great job prospects in the health care field, there are other reasons students choose us when considering trade schools in Saint Louis:

  • Certification within a year - a SLCHC- educated student can become certified in less than year in many courses. Comparable coursework at other trade schools in Saint Louis may take much longer.
  • Assistance in Obtaining Financial Aid. Our financial aid office assists students in applying for loans, grants and scholarships to help pay for school. Federal Pell grants, Stafford or Federal Plus loans, and other aid may be available.
  • Convenience. SLCHC is located on two campuses for the convenience of our students. The city campus is at 909 South Taylor Avenue in Saint Louis. The county campus is at 1297 North Highway Drive west of I-270 on I-44 at the Bowles exit in Fenton.

Compare your educational options among trade schools in Saint Louis, then call a SLCHC counselor at 866-529-2070 for more information. You may also fill out the contact forms on the right side of this web page to learn more.


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