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Trade College is in Your Future

SLCHC is a Trade College that Offers Quality Programs, and Real World Practicality

Trade colleges such as Saint Louis College of Health Careers are growing in popularity across the country for many reasons.

As the U.S. economy transitions out of recession, trade colleges  can offer opportunities to workers who have been laid off, experienced difficulty in finding a new job, or desire a change in careers.

Trade colleges and technical schools, are a common-sense alternative to expensive two-and four-year liberal arts schools. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, average annual tuition and expenses at a four-year college is roughly $35,000.

A trade college such as Saint Louis College of Health Careers offers practical courses with assistance in applying for financial aid.

One of the Nation’s Best Trade Colleges

Which health care occupation interests you? SLCHC offers programs in nursing, medical office administration and respiratory therapy, as well as medical, pharmacy and physical therapy assistant training.

Our teachers and curriculum are among the best of the nation’s trade colleges that train for health care careers. Class sizes are small and you gain a thorough knowledge of your field with hands-on instruction.

The best trade colleges also offer job placement assistance. SLCHC will help you find a job once you’ve completed your studies and passed the certification exam.

Advantages of Trade Colleges Such as SLCHC

More reasons why students are choosing to attend trade colleges such as SLCHC in increasing numbers:

  • Fast training times. With the exception of respiratory therapy training, our programs take less than a year to complete.
  • Entry level positions may be available upon certification.
  • Training is focused on skills you can apply in the real world. You aren’t paying for classes that will prove to be irrelevant in your job.

Interested in finding a good-paying job with great benefits and pleasant surroundings? Trade colleges are the answer and SLCHC is the trade college that students pursuing health-related careers trust for up-to-date training.

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