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Do You Live near Saint Peters, Missouri? Our local School of Nursing Offers a Way to Change Careers without Moving

In searching for reputable, affordable schools for nursing, Saint Peters area residents have been turning to Saint Louis College of Health Careers since 1981 for quality training programs geared toward secure employment in the growing health care field.

Saint Louis College of Health Careers also offers a great advantage for local residents: A nursing school close to home. Our campuses are an easy commute from all suburban Saint Louis communities, so you can attend classes without uprooting your life.

SLCHC’s practical nursing and patient care technician programs offer hands-on training and personalized nursing instruction from our staff of experienced teachers. We’ll help you apply for financial aid such as grants or scholarships. Upon certification, our job placement counselors will assist you in finding a job in your field of study.

Changing careers doesn’t require years of training and going deeply into debt. For thousands of students living in suburban Saint Louis communities such as Saint Peters, an ideal career development solution has been our nursing school program, which allows people to become certified within a year of enrolling by attending our conveniently located Saint Louis-area campuses.

Our local Nursing School Offers Great Value

To enroll in our nursing school programs, prospective students must provide:

  • Application for Admission
  • All applicable forms for monetary aid, if financing is requested. Please note that SLCHC cannot guarantee financing.
  • Enrollment agreement. If you are under 18 years old, a parent or guardian must also sign the agreement.
  • Proof that you have graduated from high school, such as a diploma or its equivalency.
  • College transcripts that show work experience in applicable programs. Letters indicating such experience are also acceptable.

Job opportunities in the health-care industry will continue to grow for the next several years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics. Demand for practical nurses and patient care technicians is expected to be strong.

Just as the Gateway Arch in St. Louis symbolizes the opportunity of the American West, certification through Saint Louis College of Health Careers can be your chance to change your life with a rewarding job.

Contact SLCHS today for more information on the programs in our schools for nursing. Saint Peters residents can get their questions answered by calling 866-529-2070. The “chat live” feature at the top of the page will also allow you to instantly talk with a college representative.


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