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One of the Midwest's Best Occupational Therapy and Respiratory Therapy Schools

Begin Your Health Care Career Today. Become Certified through Our Occupational Therapy School or Respiratory Therapy School Programs

Occupational therapy and respiratory therapy schools are the alternative for students who desire a health care career but aren't inclined to be physicians or registered nurses.

Saint Louis College of Health Careers offers up-to-date instruction for careers in the booming health care industry. After completing coursework in either occupational therapy or respiratory therapy, SLCHC's job placement office works to help you find a job in those respective fields.

The outlook in these fields is excellent, even in our uncertain economy. Occupational therapy and respiratory therapy schools perform a critically important role in the country's health-care system, training personnel in support of hospitals, clinics and individual physicians.

Occupational Therapy School

SLCHC's occupational therapy assistant school trains students to become certified occupational therapy assistants (COTA). You'll be qualified to treat and care for people who are unable to perform everyday tasks because of developmental, psychological, or physical problems.

For example, a COTA who has completed classes in our occupational therapy school may be called upon to teach someone with a spinal injury how to properly use a wheelchair or special equipment that aids in bathing and dressing each day.

Occupational therapy schools are growing in popularity because of the demands of an aging population.

Respiratory Therapy School

A student who becomes certified through SLCHC's respiratory therapy school will be qualified to treat and care for patients with breathing disorders. Coursework includes classroom, clinic and laboratory activities and takes 22 months to complete.

Our respiratory therapy school will train you in the use of special equipment, training programs and medicine while working with patients of all ages, from premature or very young infants to teens to the elderly.

Learn more about the occupational therapy school or respiratory therapy school at Saint Louis College of Health Careers. Call a counselor today at 866-529-2070. You may also learn more by filling out the contact or application forms on the right side of this page.


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